24th May to 31st May 2014
fort augustus
loch lochy
Great Glen
loch ness
fort william
loch dochfour
loch oich
 We have been fortunate enough to obtain permission to show the galleries of Kathy Mansfield and John   Macpherson.  
 To enjoy the collection of images simply click on the links below.

2011 pictures by Jean Yves Poirier.  Jean Yves has given permission for his photos to be used for non-  commercial use. Please credit him  and Sail Caledonia when possible. For commercial use of these photos, for  use in advertising or to illustrate  articles in commercial printed media please contact him directly for  permission or rates.

 2013 Photo Sharing
 If you have pictures of this years event that you would like to share with everyone you can send a link to Norna   and we will put it up here, or you can upload a Facebook album, tag it “Sail Caledonia”  and post the link on the   Sail Caledonia Facebook page